About Prolaio

Prolaio creates better outcomes for people with heart conditions through a connected data platform.

At Prolaio, we want to help patients live full and satisfying lives, to prevent and control their illnesses, to give them and their care teams information that can improve their well-being and shape effective care choices.

Our founders are experts in cardiovascular medicine and science. They saw that making new treatments isn’t enough. We need to rethink how care is delivered, so that every patient gets the treatment they need at the right time.

We believe that continuous learning, patient engagement, and collaboration can make the difference in how heart care can be administered. Our work is powered by data, obtained from patients’ medical records, patient-supplied survey data, and continuous monitoring involving wearable and connected sensors. Our predictive models will alert care teams in advance of a potential cardiac event so they can administer treatments to keep patients safe and out of the hospital.

Hearts work on their own times. Not on appointment times. Having a doctor’s appointment once every 3-6 months means missing all the signals that could be happening in between. A connected platform can solve this problem.

Prolaio’s technology will be applied across a variety of heart health conditions, and our platform can serve as a digital companion to any treatment with heart risks. We envision a future where patients are seen when they need to be seen, and not when they don’t. They get the care they need without going to the hospital. Doctors and hospitals get more efficient, the system saves money, and patients live better. This is precision cardiology, and we know it’s within reach.

We are bringing about the indispensable platform heart care needs. We are where care meets science, and where better futures begin.